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Participants in the sports and entertainment business have myriad challenges and opportunities to address in growing their businesses

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With the range of best standard services in planning and operations we have at Rowana, we have established ourselves as a management entity that currently provides management oversight for sports, fitness and entertainment facilities in notable organizations.

Facility Design

Design is the step where you make your facility unique and your vision begins to take shape. Many future owners make the mistake of rushing into the design process without first properly planning and researching their project with a qualified partner, be sure to invest in considerable facility planning and research.

Fitness Programming

We handle fitness training programs for groups and individuals across all ages. Our programs are tailored according to your needs, goals and time. We have warm caring handlers whose target is to ensure you’re satisfied.


Rowana Consult prepares sports curriculums for schools, sport teams and academies, and other groups. The curriculum covers every aspect of the sport –from lectures in class, diet, to practical on the field.


Do you need any sporting equipment? If you are in need of anything ranging from your training gears to wears or supplies for your event then we are your best bet

Our Customers

"Amazing Instructor and tutor!"

The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and articulate. This was the first time I have taken a swim class and learnt so much, and I was delighted with it and look forward to coming back for more classes in the future. I loved the fact that even though I was in a class with other people I was comfortable and relaxed. Thank you!
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